Tackle All Your Projects: The Ivy Coatings line provides a full spectrum of zero-VOC and low-VOC paints and primers for multiple applications: from drywall to wood; from concrete to metal.

Committed To Safety: Ivy Coatings contribute to healthy indoor air quality, because they are zero VOC (per EPA VOC-24 testing method). Many toxic ingredients common to conventional paints are not present in Ivy Coatings, including formaldehyde, ammonia, crystalline silica, and ethylene glycol.

Provide High Performance: Ivy Coatings are premium paints: they spread easily and have good coverage, hide blemishes, dry quickly, and cure to a durable film.

Can Be Custom Color-matched: Ivy Coatings are tintable to thousands of custom colors to suit all your design ideas—all without adding harmful chemicals or VOCs.